Saturday, July 11, 2009

New favorite blankets!

Those of you who know me, know that I always claim that I'm not a "blanket person."  There are some moms who love blankets, they have a different blanket for their baby for every day of the week and a few alternates, just in case.  For the first 10 months of Matthew's life, I could really care less about what I threw over him during the day, and relied on sleepsacks for bedtime.  Then I discovered Australian muslin swaddling blankets and fell in love.  With generous 47" x 47" proportions, these cloths make wrapping even the biggest of babies a breeze.  They're lightweight but warm enough to take the chill out of a cool night, and my favorite feature is that they just keep getting softer and more snuggly each time you wash them.  I really wish someone would make an adult sized one ;).

I just found these muslin blankets at Bambino Land - I love their colorful designs!  I bought a set of blankets and burp cloths for a friend who's having a baby, but now that I see their new pastel solids, I may just need to get a three-pack for my baby girl who's coming this fall...

Best of all, Bambino Land has offered a 10% discount for readers of this blog - use code "raisingangels" for a discount on everything, including sale prices!  They have a ton of great stuff on sale right now, so check them out.  Code is good until July 30.  Happy shopping... and may your babies be snuggly :).

Better yet - if you are only buying swaddling blankets, Green Baby Bargains has them for more than 50% off!  Get these while you can!!  I only wish they had the solid ones.

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