Friday, July 10, 2009

The naked truth

Matthew has become quite a nudist these days.  It always starts the same way: he is now crazy about playing with water, so I will find him running the bathroom sink, or elbow deep in the toilet (thank goodness we keep them clean.  Even still... ugh.)  His new favorite is to stand in his Learning Tower and "wash the dishes."  I'm not foolish enough to discourage a bit of housework, so I remove anything potentially hazardous from the sink such as glasses and knives, and let him loose.  So first, his pants will get wet - he hates being wet.  So he starts this frantic chant of "water wet pants!" while furiously shaking off the offensive wet clothes.  Then, of course, the shirt has to come off too, and now we're down to just a diaper.  The diaper never stands a chance, and we're back to being naked... again.

Along with being naked, he's very interested in all of his newly uncovered body parts!  So he will take any opportunity to drop "penis" into a conversation.  Like the other day when we were driving, and a little voice popped up from the back seat:

M: Daddy!
D: Yes, buddy?
M: Penis, Daddy!
D: Um... ok.

We recently spent some time with my friend Michelle and her two beautiful children.  I was trying to be a good parent and friend by preparing Matthew ahead of time that her older daughter, Parker, has peanut allergies.  So I said to Matthew, "no peanuts around Parker!" and he said "no penis Parker!"  Who knows... maybe he was just pointing out the obvious that Parker is a girl ;).

I'd say more, but my nudist baby is standing on the coffee table with a black Sharpie in his hand, so I better take action before anything is marked permanently!

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