Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Glamour mom

I used to work for a woman who had someone come to her house at least once a week to blow out her hair and do her makeup, to the tune of about $300 per session.  I remember thinking to myself, "some day I'd like to have that kind of money, that I can have regular blowouts." 

Little did I know that regular blowouts would be available sooner rather than later.  My hairdresser?  None other than Matthew, of course, who has less interest in doing my hair than in holding the dryer when I'm attempting to make myself look quasi-decent.  You don't know what I would give for "wash and wear" hair - I'm so envious of those women who can hop out of the shower, towel dry and go.  I mean, I could  do that - but then I'd look even worse than I already do.  My hair is the trifecta of horrors when left to air-dry: fine, flat and somehow frizzy at the same time.

So back to my daily blowouts: I try to dry my hair while having distracted him with something else: a beloved toy, an episode of Curious George, a cup of chocolate milk (the syrup is sugar free, I promise!)  I'll quietly skulk away and wait a minute to make sure he's really engrossed in what he's doing before turning the dryer on.  And with the flick of the switch, he's at my side, demanding "hold it!  Matthew hold it!"  So my choices are: I can either give in and let him hold it, or I can keep wrestling with him as he tugs on the cord, trying to get it away from me.

After many sessions of wrestling, I decided to give the alternative a shot.  "Fine," I told him, "You can hold it for Mommy."  Thus my new hairdresser was born.  Usually I end up sitting on the floor, moving my head all around in a pathetic attempt to get my hair somewhere near the stream of air.  It's less blowout than it is chasing, and I have to wonder if my hair is just drying from the air created by my head movements and not the dryer itself.  But eventually, it gets done.  Don't get me wrong - it looks awful, but it makes him happy.  And it's still better than truly air-drying.

So for now, I still don't have someone showing up at my house and pampering me on a regular basis.  But, I'm not dropping $300 a pop, and my blowouts are done with much more love than some random stylist would give me.  Not to mention, if the stylist ever dropped his pants in the middle of a blowout as mine is prone to do, that would just be completely inappropriate ;).


  1. Now if only you could train him to do a mani pedi, you'd be all set ;)

  2. Oh dear have such a way with words. I get daily blowouts from my sweet Willam as well...but it really has nothing to do with hair or dryers...more with diapers and baby wipes...but hey....just having him around everyday is worth it all.